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Updated: April 30, 2019
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Sylvia Munoz Schnopp
Author, Producer and Subject-Matter Expert on
Mexico's Cristero Revolution 
"A Forgotten Civil War"
Mexico's Cristero Revolution, 1926-29
Special Presentations in 2019:

Port Hueneme Friends of the Library
Annual Meeting
Park Ave., Pt. Hueneme

Sunday, May 5, 2019
2 p.m.

and at

Port Hueneme Historical Museum
Speaker's Series
Saturday, July 7, 2019
11 a.m.

call 805 340-0057
Last Season's Taping included
3 Cristero Revolution Descendants and
1 Cuban-born student
What do they have in common?
Watch interviews now on
Abel and Rosario Magana
Cuban-born Carlos Licea deBarona
Juan Garcia
Watch and learn how their lives were impacted 
by Mexico's Cristero Revolution, 
Abel's uncle is renown Beato Luis Magana Servin
Cuban-born and raised Carlos
learned of Cristero Revolution directly 
from convent nuns
 who traveled to Cuba for safety
the first-ever interview with Federale ancestor
Juan, who's father was a Federale Military Academy student
detached to observe the Cristero War
and develop strategy and insight!
Recent presentations on 
"Expanding the Cristero Revolution"
Sylvia Munoz Schnopp
were featured at
Oxnard's Pacifica High School 
Chicano Literature Classes
Bible Club Meeting
May 2013
This is also the
Official Website and Update for 
 Abandoned Angels©, a Historical Fiction
Abandoned Angels 
Two young families struggling to survive find themselves on opposite sides of a religious civil war known as the Cristero Revolution.
It's 1926 and Mexican President Plutarco Elias Calles and his cabinet are plotting the destruction of the Catholic faith with the passage of Ley Calles, a penal code enforcing persecution against Catholics and the Church.  As religious oppression worsens, the Vatican denounces the government yet suspends all religious practices indefinitely.  Priests are hunted down and murdered, school teachers are forced to renounce God in order to keep their jobs, while land and buildings including schools, convents, churches and seminaries are confiscated.
With their beloved religion forsaken, groups of Catholics rise up and demand religious freedoms only to face assassination squads known as the Federales, which shape and sustain the Cristero Revolution.  (Photo features Victoriano "El Catorce" Ramirez, General for the Cristero forces "Los Dragones" of Los Altos de Jalisco.)
Abandoned Angels© is based on my family's true stories during the Cristero Revolution: the battle for freedom of Mexican souls or continued government censorship through unrelenting torment of atheistic rulers.
Abandoned Angels© is Sylvia's first novel.
Season One:
Special TV and Radio Interviews, Programs  and Articles featuring family ancestral Cristero Revolution stories and "Abandoned Angels - A Historical Novel"
Special Discussions on "Expanding on the Cristero Revolution"
Several Cristero Revolution interviews have encompassed family stories in the form of important oral histories conducted with local families whose ancestors experienced the Cristero Revolution, recorded in partnership with
Ongoing interviews with families who were subjected to persecution during the Cristero Revolution are being featured in a new series on Watch on Sylvia Munoz Schnopp's own TV channel and listen and learn about the impact on their family's lives, their reflection as to the war and what they hope to teach others about their history. 
"For Greater Glory" ("Cristiada") is a new movie based on the Cristero Revolution, and as a result, many questions have arisen regarding the Cristero Revolution. I've been encouraged to discuss and answer questions on the Cristero Revolution during evening talks scheduled June-October. Discussions were free, taking place in Port Hueneme, Ventura and Oxnard. 
Port Hueneme Library has "For Greater Glory" DVD and companion book available for borrowing. You can visit the library at 510 Park Avenue, Port Hueneme. Hours vary M-Sat. (Closed Sunday).
TBD: Spanish Language Presentation at Consul General, Oxnard Office
Read what people have said regarding Cristero Revolution discussions:
"Fantastic presentation on the Cristeros. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community. Best wishes and congrats on your book!" - Joyce
"..very much enjoyed the article...also saw "For Greater Glory"...enlightened me and gave me greater respect for the Mexican people for defending their right to worship. I see our religious freedoms ebbing in our country little by little. We need to take a lesson from these great men and women. Viva Cristo Rey!" - Len
    ...with more feedback featured on the "About The Author" page
TV Interviews:
Taping of oral histories by descendants from the Cristero Revolution by Sylvia Munoz Schnopp and helped tell ancestral stories.
Interviews with:
Bertha Ceballos
Ramiro Tizcareno
Radio Interviews:
Radio Formula - Exclusive live interview in Spanish with Charles Allison on Gold Coast Broadcasting 1590 AM on Wed., Sept. 12, 2012
The Bill Frank Show for the KVTA radio interview now available on 
IndiesInMotion from Los Angeles, on Monday, July 23, 1pm PST with Rick Mizuno on , Channel 1.
Featured Articles:
Ventura County Star Article on July 10 entitled, "Spotlighting A Lost War" was featured on the front page. Online article features "Hueneme Councilwoman Speaks On Family's Involvement In Revolution",with family photos.
Amigos 805 PublicationJuly 2012 publication featured "Commentary: Remembering a family's history" story by Frank X. Moraga.  Also online:
TV Segments on and YouTube:
Twelve segments on the Cristero Revolution are now available in English and Spanish on YouTube:
Pre-published discounts for "Abandoned Angels" will be available soon.
Stay tuned for further details or sign up for more information on the "Contact Us" web page.
Agents or publishers please contact me at 805 340-0057 or
Sylvia Munoz Schnopp
A 21st Century Cristero
805 340-0057
(Photo of me in brown dress with Great Uncle and Former Mayor of Ocotlan and my pen pal, Francisco "Pancho" Vargas,his wife, Jesusita, and sister, Ana, at their home in Ocotlan, Jalisco.)
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